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How to Come up with a Great 1000 Word Essay: Writing Tips

How to Come up with a Great 1000 Word Essay: Writing Tips photo

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1000 word essays are often assigned to students of different levels and disciplines. Such papers are aimed at improving the writing skills and checking the ability of a student to come up with a well-structured substantial work, fully disclosing the topic. The most important thing you should know before starting to write is that you can handle it. Yes, you can definitely do this and we can help you make sure providing a short guide on how to write a 1000 words paper.

Prepare and Research

Before you start writing, get ready by choosing the right words. To do this, you have to get access to the library, carefully read through required style regulations and try to find some inspiration looking through some successfully written 1000 word essay examples. After you are done, here come the following steps:

  1. Subject and type choice. Most 1000-word length essays are of academic type, so narrative and expository essays will not work here. This is something scientific that needs you to research and study the topic not expressing your thoughts much. Have a closer look at argumentative and research essays or book reports where it is easy to provide content mixing it with good examples or evidence. The subject also matters: think logically on the field you are good at. 1000 word essay in Math sounds boring, so maybe it is better to choose natural sciences or humanities-related topics instead. There are some nice long essays written by famous politicians, biologists, historians, and philosophers: are any of these topics familiar to you? Try to choose some complex theme which has a big potential and can be discussed: not very specific but which you can describe with 1000 words. For example, global warming, politics and wars, relationships, human rights, etc. A little tip: write about the things people are ready to discuss and argue for a long time (the so-called evergreen topics).
  2. Essay structure. There are many detailed articles on the web describing a proper essay structure. They are useful and contain a lot of information to check but 1000 word essay type requires some more clarification. So the basics are the same: introduction, the main body and conclusion in the proportion of 1-3-1. Here you also have to make sure that you reserved enough space for each of these elements. Introduction (100-200 words) needs you to reveal some background and provide the reasons why you chose this topic to write a paper. In this part you have to catch the attention of the audience with a fact, some intriguing statistics or an interesting short story that will hook them up. In the introduction part, you also present your thesis statement: all these elements should be described in around 200 words. The main body may contain 650-700 words and be divided into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should be devoted to one argument supplied by significant evidence or examples. Start with the weakest argument and move to the strongest, making sure that all paragraphs are connected logically. Conclusion (100-150 words) has to briefly remind the reader about the key points of the paragraphs and provide your final opinion. You have to prove or disprove your initial statement with a couple of sentences. Describe how this work can help the future researchers and how it can fit into the modern scientific system (if it is a research paper). If this is a book report, then provide more info about the writer, the time of writing and the conditions that led to it.

Then goes the bibliography list arranged by the citing format where you need to place all sources you used for writing this paper. This is the most common structure but you have to remember that some essays may step out of this algorithm and have their own structure. No one can stop you from using the standard format but it is better to check some specific examples to add more points to your grade.

Thousand-Word Essay Writing Tips

We have looked through the main components of the 1000 word essay, so now it is time to think about how we can improve the writing and actually how to write a 1000 word essay to get a high grade. Let`s arrange everything into a shortlist:

  1. Manage your time. Writing such an essay can take from a few hours to several days depending on the free time you have, your writing skills and the complexity of work. Divide the work into several parts and devote some specific period of time to each of them;
  2. Read through the sources and underline important things;
  3. Consider and memorize your writing style regulations;
  4. Focus on the subject (do not go into unnecessary details);
  5. Start making drafts you can later correct, edit, paraphrase and proofread;
  6. Make sure in logical connections and clear sentence structure when completing the paper;
  7. Cite all sources right and check the work for plagiarism.

Remember that this is not the final word and you can learn more depending on your specific subject and requirements. However, this is a good basic guide to start writing – only practice makes perfect!